About us

Dedicated To Building Great Concrete Water Tanks

We specialising in residential, commercial and rural rainwater tanks in NSW & VIC.

At Next Gen Concrete Tanks, we have invested in the latest equipment, technology, and custom-made moulds so we can provide modern rural rainwater tanks that are better suited to today’s standards.

Our History

Our innovative approach is driven by our extensive experience in building concrete water tanks.

Our tanks have an optional inbuilt gutter that’s capable of catching up to 80,000 litres of rainwater per year off the tank roof.

The moulds of our tanks have a radius floor wall join that’s similar to most inground pools. It’s more than twice the structural strength of all water tanks of this size. 

Another key feature of Next Gen’s tanks is their inbuilt riser. Perfect for underground applications, it can be made to suit any depth. The fittings can also be moulded, which eliminates the need to use a drill or jackhammer. Moreover, this can prevent dirty groundwater from seeping in and contaminating the fresh storage water. 

We were able to develop these innovations due to our years of experience in building water tanks.

What sets us apart

Why choose Next Gen Concrete Tanks

High quality concrete water tanks

We build and install high quality 50,000-150,000 Litre Concrete Tanks. Our concrete water tanks are AS3600 and AS3735 compliant with Australian regulations.

25-year guarantee on all concrete water tanks

We offer a complete 25-year guarantee on all our concrete water tanks, we use high quality local products to ensure the longevity and durability of your tank.

Optional inbuilt gutter system

Our tanks have an optional inbuilt gutter system that can catch up to 80k litres per year off its own roof which also stops water runoff from the roof that undermines the base (rainwater running down wall of tank washing away dirt beneath).

Moulds that have radius floor wall

Our moulds have a radius floor wall join similar to most inground pools that produces more than twice the structural strength as opposed to most if not all tanks of this size.

Inbuilt riser for underground applications

Next Gen tanks have an inbuilt riser for underground applications which has many benefits, it can be made to suit any depth, fittings can be moulded instead of drilling or jack hammering. There is no chance of dirty ground water seeping in contaminating your fresh storage water.

Our service

Taking care of your water tank needs

Our concrete water tanks are constructed with an improved design that offers more benefits than those of our competitors. Although Next Gen Concrete Tanks are guaranteed for 25 years, our goal is to build tanks that can last a lifetime so you can have peace of mind knowing that you are investing in a permanent water storage solution.

Our tanks are designed with radius on both inner and outer formworks. The main purpose of this design is to accommodate the gutter and curved floor wall join, as can be seen in the photos. Another major advantage is it provides a more robust shape and ensures a perfectly round tank with consistent wall thickness. This is the criteria of a quality tank.

Service Area

We can build tanks anywhere in Australia, but most of our work is done in NSW and Victoria.

Cost of the tank

The price depends on various factors, such as the tank variant, your location, and the cost of concrete, which needs to be sourced locally in your area.

We are here for all of your concrete tank needs!