Next Gen Concrete Water Tanks is a family-owned business specialising in residential, commercial and farm water tanks in NSW and VIC. Our emphasis is on providing the best tank by design, using the latest techniques and products available on the market today. We offer the option to modify our base design and can also construct or fabricate any accessory, whether it be a diving wall, incorporating custom fitting; concrete riser; ladder for accessibility etc.

We believe you should have a sound understanding of what you are investing in and be left with a superior product that meets your needs.

We Build and Install High Quality 150,000 Litre Concrete Tanks. Our concrete water tanks are AS3600 and AS3735 compliant with Australian regulations.

We offer a complete 25-year guarantee on all our concrete water tanks, we use high quality local products to ensure the longevity and durability of your tank.

We are based in Albury Wodonga and we service all of NSW and Victoria and we use the latest techniques and products available on the market today.

What can our tanks can be used for?

  • Residential water supply
  • Fire water storage
  • Effluent (waste water or sewerage)
  • Commercial water storage

Next Gen did great especially with a muddy site and the weather it was interesting to see how a tank is build and the gutter in particular. Would highly recommend!


Collin Tallangatta Vic

Benefits of a Nextgen Concrete Tank

  • Concrete tanks can have a very long life of around 50 to 100 years. This may vary slightly depending on the quality of foundation and what type of water is stored, but you can expect decades of use.

  • Highly fire resistant and if installed underground fire proof. Concrete is a better insulator than steel or plastic and it will help keep the water cool and with no sunlight able to enter it will be algae free.

  • Almost zero maintenance and when cleaning tank out, it can be done with shovel and pressure washer without the worry of piercing a liner.

  • Concrete tanks can be fully emptied and left empty unlike other water storage systems which are not designed for and will void warranty and could be damaged by wind.
  • Concrete tanks are extremely unlikely to be damaged by root intrusion, vegetation growth (falling tree branches), livestock, vermin, or be damaged in a storm.
  • Our tanks with the gutter stops water runoff down the side the tank which prevents any damage to the base underneath or surrounding earth.

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