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Your next concrete water tank.

Providing the best concrete rainwater tanks by design, using the latest techniques and products available on the market today.

We specialise in building durable concrete water tanks for NSW and VIC’s residential, commercial, and rural properties. Our large-capacity underground concrete water tanks are designed to last for decades.

based in Albury Wodonga

Next Gen Concrete Tanks specialises in building 50,000 to 150,000 litre residential, commercial and rural concrete water tanks in NSW and VIC.

Above Ground or Underground water tank installation

Concrete or corrugated Iron roofs

Brass Valves and Fittings

Roof replacement and repairs to old concrete tanks

Tanks can be modified to suit customer requirements

Supply and install accessories (Ladders,Manhole covers,Pumps etc)


Residential Concrete Water Tank

Our large-capacity water storage concrete tanks can ensure that homes and other residential properties have a steady supply of fresh water.

concrete water tanks

Commercial Concrete Water Tank

We can build and install concrete tanks for commercial properties and establishments for their business needs.

Rainwater Concrete Tanks

Fire Water Concrete Tank

Our fire water concrete tanks can help ensure the safety of buildings and their occupants by providing fire protection water to sprinklers and other fire fighting systems.

What sets us apart

Why choose Next Gen Concrete Tanks

High quality concrete water tanks

High quality concrete water tanks

We build and install 50,000-150,000 Litre Concrete Tanks. Our concrete water tanks are AS3600 and AS3735 compliant with Australian regulations.

25-year guarantee on all concrete water tanks

25-year guarantee on all concrete water tanks

We offer a complete 25-year guarantee on all our concrete water tanks.

Optional inbuilt gutter system

Optional inbuilt gutter system

Our 150,000 litre tank has an optional inbuilt gutter that can catch up to 80,000 litres per year off its own roof.

Moulds that have radius floor wall

Moulds that have radius floor wall

Our moulds have a radius floor wall that’s similar to most in-ground pools. It produces more than twice the structural strength as opposed to most if not all tanks of this size

Inbuilt riser for underground applications

Inbuilt riser for underground applications

Next Gen underground concrete water tanks have an inbuilt riser for underground applications. It can be made to suit any depth, and fittings can be moulded instead of using a drill or jackhammer. This can also eliminate the chance of dirty ground water seeping in and contaminating your fresh storage water.

Benefits of a Next Gen’s Concrete Water Tank

Concrete tanks can have a very long life of 100 years plus.

Highly fire-resistant and even fire-proof if installed underground. Also, concrete is a better insulator than steel or plastic. It will help keep the water cool ensuring that your water supply is algae-free.

Almost zero maintenance. A shovel and pressure washer can be used to clean a concrete tank without worrying about piercing a liner.

A concrete underground water tank can be fully emptied and left empty, unlike other water storage systems that aren’t designed for this condition as it can void the warranty and leave it susceptible to wind damage.

Concrete rainwater tanks are extremely unlikely to be damaged by root intrusion, vegetation growth (falling tree branches), livestock, vermin, or extreme weather conditions.

Our tanks with the gutters stop water runoff down the side of the tank, preventing damage to the base underneath or the surrounding earth.

Next Gen did great especially with a muddy site and the weather it was interesting to see how a tank is build and the gutter in particular. Would highly recommend!


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Frequently asked questions

Tanks can be installed above partially under or completely below the ground, with a maximum of designed for up to 2meters under ground.

Our tanks can be supplied with a concrete or corrugated iron (colourbond) roof and also be open-top.

The foundation of the tank needs to be a laser-levelled site with a diameter of 12 metres and 50 to 100 millimetres of crusher dust, sand, or road base. Contact us to learn how you can prepare the site for your tank.

Absolutely. They have a long lifespan, require little to no maintenance, and can be used in places where others cannot. The large capacity of our concrete tanks can ensure a continuous supply of water to your property.

Next Gen’s concrete tank has a capacity of 150,000 litres. Its outer diameter is 9.3 metres and measures 2.5 metres high. When empty, the tank weighs 80 tonnes with a concrete roof and 56 tonnes with a tin roof. Its floor and walls have 22 cubic metres of concrete. Depending on the load requirements, it has around 9 to 12 cubic metres in the roof.

The catchment area on the roof measures around 70 square metres,With the gutter it’s capable of catching up to 80,000 litres rainwater per year depending on your location.

Wall thickness: 150 millimetres

Floor thickness: 200 millimetres

Thickness of floor-wall join: 300 millimetres

32-40 MPa concrete for walls and floor

40 MPa concrete for the roof

sl82-sl92 mesh in the floor and walls

Y12 L-bar in the wall and floor join

Y10 bar in the wall

The price depends on various factors, such as the tank variant, your location, and the cost of concrete, which needs to be sourced locally in your area. Get in touch with us today for a free no-obligation quote.

The excavation, site preparation, backfilling, drainage and associated plumbing, as well as permits or council approvals, will be organised by the customer. Although these costs are handled separately, we can help with any advice or information.

We are here for all of your concrete tank needs!