Installing a 150,000-Litre Concrete Water Tank on your Property

Mar 29, 2023

More and more residential, commercial, and rural property owners are getting high-capacity concrete water tanks due to their various benefits. Storage containers that are capable of holding 150,000 litres of water are ideal due to the different advantages that they provide.

For one, these tanks can store more than enough water for your home or commercial property’s daily needs. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can benefit from having a 150,000-litre underground or above-ground concrete water tank on your property.

Alternative Water Supply

The primary function of water tanks is to provide properties with an alternative source of water. This means that by connecting your tank to your property’s water network, you’ll still be able to use this precious resource even during water shortages and outages.

This is ideal, especially if you live in parts of Australia that are prone to outages due to various factors, such as the hot climate conditions or lack of a reliable water supply. By having your own 150,000-litre concrete water tank, you’ll be able to provide your home, business, or farm with an uninterrupted supply of water.

Emergency Firewater Source

A high-capacity concrete storage tank can also provide your property with a water supply that you can use for emergencies. This can be achieved by connecting your tank to your property’s fire protection system, such as sprinklers and fire pumps.

Doing so allows you to ensure the safety of your property and its occupants by having a reliable firefighting system that you can immediately use during emergencies.

Protects Your Property

Concrete storage water tanks can also function as rainwater tanks by collecting stormwater. Having a dedicated container that stores rainwater prevents excess water from seeping into your property’s soil, which minimises soil erosion. This can protect your property by preventing landslides and damage to your concrete foundations.

In addition, since soil erosion can strip off the ground’s topsoil, having a 150,000-litre concrete rainwater tank can help your farm by preventing water runoffs from washing away your crops and fertilisers.

Reduce Utility Costs

Another major advantage of having a 150,000-litre concrete water tank is it can help you enjoy long-term savings from your monthly utility bills. By having an alternative water supply, you’ll no longer have to rely solely on the main grid or municipal water source for your water needs.

This allows you to significantly reduce your overall municipal water consumption, which translates to more savings.

Next Gen Concrete Water Tanks

At Next Gen Concrete Tanks, we rely on our extensive experience and the latest resources and technologies to build durable and high-quality 150,000-litre water storage containers for our clients in Victoria and NSW.

Our tanks are perfect for residential, commercial, and rural properties. We design our concrete water tanks with a gutter system that’s capable of collecting up to 80,000 litres of rainwater a year. Plus, it comes with a tin roof to ensure the quality of the stored water. This feature also prevents the growth of algae.

In addition, the robust nature of concrete makes our rainwater tanks practically corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free, and fireproof. We also make sure that our concrete water tanks are designed and constructed according to the latest provisions of the Australian Standards.

So, if you’re looking to take advantage of the benefits 150,000-litre concrete water tanks offer, get in touch with Next Gen Concrete Tanks today. We’ll help you design a tank that’s perfect for your property and water needs. 

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